How to write a CV
 This is quite interesting for those wishing to become employed philosophers some day. Check out part 2 for categories of a cv. You can expand your employability by thinking about opportunities you might be interested in. Giving paper presentations? Writing book reviews? etc..

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Publications Can Count Against You..
Thats right, It doesn't make sense... or does it. Apparently there is a high correlation between "research" professors and inadequate teaching ability. If one is applying to "teaching" universities then having a large number of published works can count slightly against you.

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PhD Ranking - The National Research Council
While I have not done enough research to suggest whether or not this is a worthwhile ranking system they suggest some of the same "top ranked" programs as Leiter and Academic Analytics. It seems to give a great measure of user control to the process which is a plus. One can select the qualities one wants (funding, size, placement record etc...) when searching for grad school rankings.

 I recently applied for graduate programs all over the US. This blog is my research into how to survive as a career philosopher.

This blog is designed to keep you updated on professional news and movements in philosophy today, trolled from many site over the internet. Particular focus is on the professional aspects of philosophy such as how to create a good C/V, Publish papers, and understand hiring practices.

I will be posting my findings that I think could be beneficial to other undergrad and graduate students.

I realized at some point that I was doing about an hour of research a day and just storing it for myself. This seemed a bit on the selfish side so I decided that I would Publish my findings on this blog.


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